BTS rapper Suga is a well-known Korean artist and renowned for his numerous successful songs; here are the top songs to add to your playlist

Top 5 Songs Produced By BTS Rapper Suga You Should Add To Your Playlist, Check Now!

BTS are global superstars known for their striking good looks, intense choreography, and ever-expanding catalog. The successful idol group shines brightly like the stars in the sky, but each member can also state this. Individually, the lads of BTS have so much ability and charisma that they could easily kill it on stage.

Notably, BTS’s Suga is well-known as a rapper for the idol group and as a songwriter and producer. Suga, Agust D, and even Min PD are his nicknames. Whatever he’s called, the famed BTS member has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to make chart-topping music, collecting over 100 songs to his name. This contains songs he has written for his band and songs he has written for other artists. Each one was a certified banger and received a lot of love and admiration from the general audience.

Nevertheless, while the list is lengthy, let’s take a look at some of Suga’s singles that you should surely add to your playlist –

PSY – ‘That That’

PSY’s “That That,” one of Suga’s most recent productions, stormed this summer. In addition to being the post-pandemic anthem, it attracted a lot of attention because the legendary BTS producer produced it! Anyone could stand up and dance to the music since the tune was so infectious and addicting.

SuRan – WINE

A song created by SUGA and featuring the seductive voice of SuRan and the upbeat rap lyrics of CHANGMO is a certified smash. The catchy hip-hop and R&B song “Wine” describes remembering an old romance while sipping wine. The music has a laid-back, calm feeling that makes you feel like you’ve had a few glasses of wine.


Along with having a close friendship with the idol group, American singer Halsey is also known for being a huge admirer of BTS. So Suga being requested to participate in her “Manic” album only makes sense. This calming ballad single should be on every playlist since it combines Suga’s compelling rap line with Halsey’s lyrical vocals.

Epik High

Hip-hop culture considers Epik High to be legendary. They’ve amassed countless chart-topping songs, completed numerous international tours, and developed into an inspiration to many. The rap group gave Suga the inspiration he needed to pursue music and art. Although “Forever Sunshine” sounds easygoing and breezy, the song’s lyrics are deep and discuss life’s challenges. It is optimistic and full of hope for a brighter tomorrow simultaneously.

IU – Eight

A hit song is bound to be created when two famous musicians collaborate. It most certainly applies to IU’s “eight,” a song that went viral worldwide. The song is upbeat and soulful, but it also discusses the concerns and difficulties of being 28 years old. The song is worth listening to, even if it makes you melancholy and reflective.

Are any of these Suga-produced songs on your playlist? Which one is your personal favorite? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below; stay tuned to for more updates.