During Suga’s drinking show, Suchwita, BTS members Jimin and Suga recently addressed the band’s probable comeback in 2025. The two discussed their solo projects in the episode, which lasted 36 minutes and 59 seconds and can be found on YouTube and Weverse. Jimin promoted his first solo album, “Face,” while Suga congratulated and encouraged him regarding the weight the album caused him to feel.

The “dumpling incident” with V and Jimin’s most recent visit to Jin in the military was among the memories they shared from the past. In addition, Jin’s weight increase and a desire for hot fish soup were both mentioned by Jimin.

While sipping the traditional Korean alcoholic beverage Soju, Jimin discussed the band’s reunion and his wish to go in 2025, when he predicted that all of the BTS members would be back together. He had a moment of nostalgia and remembered that they would have a lot to catch up on and that he had no clue where they would start.

Suga also expressed his enthusiasm for 2025, predicting that all of them will have put out solo albums by then. Jimin emphasized that collective actions, not solitary ones, have real significance. Jimin continued to discuss the value of solo endeavors by stating that after working on his record, he realized how much he needed to develop. He continued by saying he was aware of his shortcomings and had tried to fill those gaps.

In June of last year, BTS stated they would be taking a vacation so that the band members could focus on their solo musical careers and other personal projects. However, before reconnecting with the group, certain members, including Jin, wanted to concentrate on completing their required military duty.

Source – Times Of India

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