Who would you wish to listen to having a duet alongside Arijit Singh? Neeti Mohan or Jonita Gandhi

Neeti Mohan VS Jonita Gandhi: Which Female Singer Is Perfect For A Duet With Arijit Singh?

Arijit Singh and Neeti Mohan together have sung some fantastic songs. They give one of the best melodies that directly makes a place in one’s heart whenever they are together. Whenever singing together, both the voices tend to make an emotional connection with their voices that reaches the audience, leaving them mesmerized. Their songs have been a memorable one that has got people together with emotions and not words.

Har Kisi Ko, Senti Wali Mental, First Class, are a few of their duets together that will not just give you romantic vibes but also make you stand up and bounce, enjoying the moment until it lasts.

Jonita Gandhi is a singer we all are familiar with. She rose to fame through YouTube and is ruling the charts with her mesmerizing voice. Whenever Jonita Gandhi, alongside Arijit Singh, has sung a duet, the melody has been mesmerizing and blissful. She is one singer to reckon with, and we wish to see her alongside Arijit Singh more often. Together they would be a huge blast. They have sung one song for the film Laila Majnu, Aahista. The melody is enchanting and beyond comparison.

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