A voice that we all would love to hear with Arijit Singh: Neeti Mohan or Jonita Gandhi

Neeti Mohan vs Jonita Gandhi: The Female Voice we love alongside Arijit Singh

Many female singers have touched our hearts. But one singer to have stayed forever is Neeti Mohan. And when she’s the one to have been singing alongside Arijit Singh well it’s a blast for sure. The singer has a million fanbase and her voice is just perfection. Giving a remarkable performance is something that she has been gifted with. Her duet with Arijit Singh for song Har Kisi Ko is spectacular. She has made a great imprint in the music industry and is one singer we would love to listen alongside Arijit Singh.

Jonita Gandhi is a singer to reckon with. From a YouTube star to a playback singing sensation, she is someone we would love to see with Arijit Singh. Her magical voice is something to talk about. She has made many generous contributions to the industry right from the movie Chennai Express. She is truly gifted with singing talent. From Dil Chaspiyan to Kaha Hoon Main, she is an amazing singer and surely would be a blast alongside Arijit Singh.

Who would be amazing alongside Arijit Singh and you wish to hear? Neeti Mohan or Jonita Gandhi?

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