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Did Blackpink's Lisa actually have an ugly breakup?

OMG: Did Blackpink’s Lisa Recently Have An Ugly Breakup? Know Whole Story

If you are a true fan and admirer of K-pop music genre, there’s absolutely no way you cannot admire the amazing and supremely talented group of Blackpink girls. The amazing team of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rose have set the stage on fire everytime they have come together to perform during live concerts and music videos and they continue to do the same effectively.

Not just are the Blackpink girls exceptionally talented but they are also gorgeousness and hotness personified and perhaps if we had to pick the one among them as the most gorgeous and hot, 9/10 people will indefinitely end up picking Lisa.

But hey all you male admirers of Lisa, are you all worried or upset about the fact that recently might have had an ugly breakup?

Well, buck up folks. It’s all rumors and nonsense. Lisa has been single for quite some time and hence you all are more than free to continue crushing on her. Does this piece of information bring a smile on your faces?

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