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I had to postpone ‘Main Dooba Rahoon’ for 5 years because I didn’t have enough money – Aditya Narayan

Aditya Narayan is a true talent and we mean every bit of it when we say it. The man is a talented singer, composer, actor, host, and what not?

Aditya became a part of the Entertainment industry since a very tender age and one of his most acclaimed roles as a child artiste happens to be with Salman Khan in Jab Pyaar Kissi Se Hota Hai. Over the years, Aditya made his individuality felt and kept rising the ladder of success. One of his recent songs ‘Main Dooba Rahoon’ is setting trends across the internet nowadays but the ride hasn’t been a smooth one for Aditya. When IWMBuzz asked him more on the song, he said and we quote,

‘I think the song was pretty much ready in 2014. But I had to shelve the idea because I thought it will cost a lot of money which I probably couldn’t afford personally then. I like to remain honest about everything and I wanted this to be mine. So I didn’t want to seek anyone’s help. Over the years (touch wood), as I started getting more work and started earning a bit of money, I realized that now I can probably spend and produce this on my own. Better late than never it seems. So, if you really want something and you chase it with a lot of passion, it does happen.’

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