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Sunidhi Chauhan is my inspiration – Akasa

Akasa is a multi-talented singer, performer, youth icon and a live-wire stage performer with more than 200+ live shows under her belt. She followed up her debut pop-single ‘Thug Ranjha’ (Gold single with 70MN+ video and audio streams in a year) with ‘Maaserati’ in September 2019– a collaboration with Bollywood composer-lyricist hit machine Tanishk Bagchi & Vayu. Akasa entered the Bollywood playback scene with the super hit ‘Kheech Meri Photo’ and her 2nd playback ‘Aithey Aa’ in the Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer “Bharat” created waves across the nation. Akasa started her journey at the age of 17 and has featured in 4 reality shows- India’s Raw Star (Star Plus), Angels of Rock (MTV), The Remix & Hear Me Love Me with Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty (Amazon Prime Originals). She is the face of MTV Beats (India’s #1 youth music TV channel), she has her own TV shows – MTV Beats Top 20 Countdown and Secret Side with Akasa.

What’s that musical genre you are mostly into as a singer?

I am mostly into Punjabi Folk Music.

Tell us a bit about what went behind Naagin?

Naagin was basically just two girls, Aastha and I, we shared the same dreams and aspirations. Both of us are heavily influenced by international pop stars and I think beautiful liar was the dream of two strong female personalities coming together and doing a video full of dance and drama. I think everything just fell into place. Vayu had a song for us and Puri got the beats together. We both are signed to the same label and they really helped us in achieving this crazy dream and that’s how naagin which is one of the first of two female artists collaborating came out and we’re so proud of that.

The song has been within the Top 10 trending songs for a long time. Did you expect this to happen even remotely?

Aastha and I, in this sense are very different. Aastha is the most positive and she was like arrey yeh gana toh hit hai and I was like I don’t know what’s gonna happen I have no idea. So I think we were 50-50 wherein I think Aastha knew ki yeh toh trending hai boss and I was just like Bhagwan kare yeh gana hit hojaye so it’s 50-50. I’m just very grateful and every milestone for me is like a new success and surprise.


Sunidhi Chauhan is my inspiration – Akasa Singh 1

Who are the musical sensations you look up to as inspiration?

Sunidhi Chauhan is my inspiration. I’ve grown up singing Sunidhi Chauhan’s songs so her for sure and currently I’m really inspired by Vishal and Shekhar. I think they’re pretty sick artists. That kind of a voice and then they’re super cool and they make it seem like fun. Internationally, it has to be Beyonce and Adele. I think the day I get 5% of Beyonce, I’ll attain nirvana.

Lastly, share a bit about your future plans

I am very very excited to share lots of music. Currently, there is a bit of delay because of my voice and that needs rest. There are a few songs I’ve written and composed as well and it’s very very different from anything I’ve released yet and I’m very excited because finally, that side of me comes out as well. People think I’m this very happy and always dancing but they will get to see another side of me that is very sad and heartbroken and dukhi and aashiq side of me. That is the plan.


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