If you want to stare and know about the secret behind Chris Hemsworth’s sexy body, then you are at the right place!

The Secret Behind Chris Hemsworth’s Ripped Bod!

The Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth is popularly known for his role as Thor, in the Marvel Comic Universe’s, Avengers movie series. He has made many girls’ nerves weak with his looks and body. The handsome actor with abs has been seen shirtless many times. Chris is so damn hot to melt the hearts of his fans.

Many want to know the recipe behind his perfect shape. He has maintained his diet. He ate healthy foods and had a strategic diet. His diet chart only contains three things: protein, protein, and protein. He always avoided fat and had a hardcore gym schedule to trim all of it. Chris has changed his diet and workout schedule for every movie project. The hard work that he had to do the most, was for Avengers. How can someone avoid themselves from not staring at his ripped body?

Well, it was quite shocking for his fans to see Chris’ belly in the Avengers: Endgame (2019) but, that was just a makeover. His fans literally die to see his hot body with abs, triceps, and biceps.

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