Actress and amazing dancer Meghna Naidu is a film actress, who has featured in Hindi and many South Indian films. Meghna has a liking for music and this is what she explains here.

In a candid chat with, Meghna talks about her love for music and the kind of music she likes.

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What is your go-to song?

My go-to song will be Cold Heart by Dua Lipa and Elton John. Its lyrics might not be the best but I love the music of it. It makes me happy.

What is the one song that makes you very happy and charged up after a tiring day?

Oh, this one has to be a list of Bollywood Item songs from old to new because it just makes me want to dance it out.

The significance of listening to songs for you is:

I am not a music addict but I do listen to music while working out mainly. My husband on the other hand is all about music and so we have music on at home most of the time.

What is your favourite song?

This one is so easy to pick because it is the only song I want to hear when someone asks me if I have a song request or a favourite track and that is Vaseegara from the Tamil film Minnale. In Hindi, it is Zara Zara but I prefer the Tamil version.

What is the one song that has one memory related to it?

The title track of DUS film… It’s an old movie but the song remains intact in my memory because we would blast the song in the car while driving down roads in America with my sister and best friend and sing so loud. Highway and that song were just the perfect combination.

What is your favourite Hindi song?

One of my favorite song would be Chura Liya hai… Zeenat ji and that music is stuck to the brain and I love it.

Lyrics of that one song that you remember to the T?

Lyrics to my song Kaliyon ka Chaman would be the first on my list because I don’t think anyone has heard it as many times as I have !!!

Your Favourite Dance Song?

My South film songs would be my favorite to dance to like Kanum rendum or vastava vastava or diyalo diyala as these are hardcore dance numbers I have danced on.

A song that you love singing to your life partner?

This one is a funny one but I am always singing it to him and that is Tu Mera Hero oh oh oh…

A song that describes your family:

Gallan Goodiyan has to be the one because my family and I love to dance and this one is the party starter !!!