In a captivating Instagram Live video, singer Ali Sethi paid tribute to Indian artist Arijit Singh, hailing him as the most exceptional and versatile vocalist from his homeland. Sethi, known for his soulful renditions, emphasized that a mark of true greatness lies in a singer’s ability to make their performances appear effortless—a quality he found distinctly present in Arijit Singh’s rendition of the song “Aayat.” Sethi further expressed his admiration for the composition, regarding it as one of the most exquisitely crafted melodies to emerge from the Indian film industry in recent years. Despite acknowledging that his words may not reach Singh, Sethi wholeheartedly sang a snippet of “Aayat” from the movie “Bajirao Mastani” in the live video. This noteworthy appreciation by Ali Sethi was subsequently highlighted in a compelling Instagram reel by Brut India.

Ali Sethi on Arijit Singh’s musical prowess

Talking about it Ali Sethi said, “Aapke mulk ke jo sabse jabardast singer he, sabse versatile (The most dynamic singer from your country, the most versatile)… I have said this many times, but you know I feel like the sign of a great singer as opposed to say the sign of a very-gifted singer is that they can make it feel effortless and this is what Arijit Singh does with the song Aayat, which I am obsessed with. Which I think is one of the most beautiful songs to emerge from the Indian movie scene in years. With apologies to Arijit Singh, not that he cares…(sings Aayat from the film Bajirao Mastani)”

Here take a look at the video-

View Instagram Post 1: Watch: Ali Sethi sings Arijit Singh’s ‘Aayat’, says ‘Aapke mulk ke jo sabse jabardast singer he, sabse versatile’

Recently Ali Sethi and Arijit Singh, both have hit the headlines, over the Pasoori row, as the song has been recreated by Arijit Singh for the movie Satyaprem Ki Katha.