The BTS boyband is currently the most appreciated and loved male K-pop entertainment squad that we have in the world at present. Well, all the members of the squad are extremely popular. However, one personality who’s popularity is well and truly ahead of most others is none other than BTS member Jungkook. Over the years, Jungkook has won hearts of many with his activities and well, that’s why, anything and everything from his end always manages to become a reason of happiness and joy for fans to celebrate and in the true sense of the term. Whenever Jungkook makes a grand appearance in public, netizens as well as fans all over the world love it and feel the heat for real.

So, to tell you all about BTS member Jungkook and his latest social media activity that has created a lot of buzz, one thing that we must speak about the fact that he recently made headlines for his viral dance performance on the popular song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from RRR. While everyone knows the fact that Jungkook performed to the same, any idea why he did so? Well, as per ARMY and grapevine, the reason BTS member Jungkook performed to the same is because after the Oscar and Grammy nomination, ‘Naatu Naatu’ became an International rate and in the true sense of the term. Well, no wonder, someone like Jungkook who loves to capitalise on trends would have loved to perform to the same.

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