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Federation of Western India Cine Employees lift the ban on Mika Singh

FWICE revokes ban on Mika Singh

After an uncertain week for Mika Singh, the ban on the versatile Bollywood and Punjabi singer has finally been revoked by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE).

As per reports in the media, the decision to lift the ban was taken after the singer issued an apology to the organization, admitting that performing in Pakistan was a mistake on his part, one that he would never ever repeat in the future.

While interacting with the media in Mumbai, Mika Singh clarified that his performance in Pakistan was the result of prior commitments, but admitted that it was a mistake and he would never repeat it in future.

It may be recalled that the AICWA and FWICE, two governing bodies of cine workers in Bollywood, had declared a boycott on Mika Singh and banned him from working in the Bollywood film industry, after it was revealed that the singer had performed at the wedding of the daughter of a billionaire Pakistani businessman in Karachi. The businessman was a cousin of former Pakistan Premier, General Parvez Musharraf.

Mika’s performance had allegedly taken place on 8th August, bang in the middle of grave tensions with the neighboring country after India repealed Articles 370 and 35 A in J&K.

The video of Mika’s performance at the wedding had gone viral on social media, inviting severe backlash from Indian Twitterati.

In light of the gravity of the situation, the AICWA and FWICE had not taken kindly to Mika performing at the high profile event and had placed a lifelong ban on him from working in the film industry.

However, in light of his apology and promise to never repeat the error, the FWICE has very kindly decided to accept his apology and lift the ban on him. The decision was conveyed to the media by chief advisor of FWICE, Ashoke Pandit, and the body’s president, B.N. Tiwari.

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