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Himesh Reshammiya and Ranu Mondal's song to launch tomorrow

Himesh Reshammiya-Ranu Mondal’s new song to be out tomorrow

Himesh Reshammiya is easily recognized as a man of his words. The singer has had a terrific phase in the film and music industry around the early 2000s. Such was the situation at that point of time that a film without a Himesh Reshammiya song was almost next to impossible.

However, every artist has his or her time going and it’s always about carrying forward the legacy. And this seems to be the time for the latest music discovery, Ranu Mondal. Ranu was spotted singing around a train station in West Bengal and her singing video went viral.

Himesh Reshammiya gave the opportunity to Ranu a few days back for a single and finally the day is set to arrive.
Himesh posted the teaser of the song on Instagram today. Check out the post below –

Well, here’s wishing Ranu and Himesh all the best for this one and may this be a success and a track that everyone appreciates.

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