Know more about Naatu Naatu song and its historic win at Golden Globes

“It Is Incredible”, Keeravani’s RRR Song Naatu Naatu creates Golden Globe History

The enormously talented M M Keeravani has created musical history by winning the Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

I caught up with Keeravani in Beverly Hills minutes after the victory to congratulate the versatile composer , and he responded, “Thank you, Sir (with a heart emoji). I am still at the Golden Globe awards. It is an incredible feeling.I will call you tonight from my hotel.”

Keeravani who has scored music for nearly all of Rajamouli’s film has also had a very fruitful innings in Hindi cinema with melodious classics like Tum mile dil khile(Criminal), Gali mein aaj chand nikla(Zakham), Aa bhi jaa(Sur) and Jadoo hai nasha hai(Jism).

A purist at heart, Keeravani whom I have known for thirty years has always shied away from the limelight. Keeravani has never allowed himself to become a brand name.

In an earlier conversation Keeravani Sir(known as M M Kreem in Hindi cinema) had said, “My music is my life.I can never be dishonest with my compositions. You have reached out to me because the melodic element in my songs has impressed you. I am grateful for that. Melody is indeed the foundation of my compositions.”

Keeravani’s Naatu naatu in RRR is fiercely original. That partially explained its impact globally.