Armaan and Amaal Malik are the sons of Indian singer Daboo Malik and nephews of famous Indian singer, composer, music director Anu Malik. Amaal is the elder of the two brothers. They have worked together on various songs like Bol do na Zara, Sab Tera, Main hoon Hero Tera, etc.

Apart from working together, they are also working individually in Bollywood Music Industry. As per Armaan “Amaal is a very Famous and soulful singer and he has a bright future ahead”.

Whereas 26-year-old Armaan Malik, also known by his Bollywood fans as ‘Price of Romance’. He is trained in Indian Classical Music under his grandfather’s guidance. He first gained his individual growth and fame in 2015 after the famous hit song ‘Sooraj Dooba hai’. He is a singer, songwriter, record-producer, voice-over artist, actor as well. He has also sung in various languages Hindi, Marathi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu, etc.

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Both brothers have a massive fan following and both have different fields of specialization. Fans of both Malik brothers hails as one greater than the other but it ultimately depends upon the one who has great taste in music. He will be the one to determine who is more versatile, but as present as a fan of music just enjoy the melodious work of both Amaal and Armaan Malik.