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Check out some of the emotional moments when BTS V cried

Emotional Moments When BTS V Cried

The BTS boyband is currently the leading K-pop boyband at the moment the group is successful because of the collective contribution of all the members who work day in day out together to create quality music. We all talk about Jungkook and Suga when we have BTS in discussion but perhaps their most underrated talent who plays an equally important role for the band is Taehyung aka our very own V.

He’s hot and handsome in the true sense of the term and his quirky and high-fashion sense is something that makes him the eye candy of a lot of people.

But readers, are you aware of the fact that V is also an extremely emotional person who doesn’t like to hold on to his tears? Quite often, be it on stage after a phenomenal performance or while chilling with his BTS buddies, fans have captured an emotional V on multiple occasions. So today, we show you some moments when V was spotted crying. Take a look –

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