We have some rare facts about Kishore Kumar the legendary singer of Bollywood. Read to know more

10 rare facts about the life and career of the veteran singer Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar is the man who needs no introduction. Here are some rare facts that not many people are well aware of.

Kishore Kumar was always passionate about singing. K.L. Saigal, Rabindranath Tagore, and Danny Kaye were his major inspirations for singing.

Kishore Kumar always tried to understand his character to deliver a perfect and true essence of the song he was singing. One such famous song for which he actually ate Banarasi Paan and then he sung Khaike Paan Banaras Wala, which became a huge success.

For the song Aake Seedhi Lag Dil Par from 1962 classic Half Ticket, Kishore Kumar sang both the male and female parts. The song was a major chartbuster among the masses.

In his lifetime he married 4 times. And had a very secretive personal life. His last marriage with Leena Chandavarkar was with whom he breathed last. (To know more about his married life read)

During the emergency, the government asked the film industry to propagate its agenda. But as Kishore Kumar had bad health, he refused to sing or perform which was not very well accepted by the government leading to Kishore Kumar being banned on AIR as well as Doordarshan.

Despite being a successful actor and singer, Kishore Kumar was always shy and had a huge stage fear which is why he wouldn’t give any interviews. And there were times when he even canceled his concerts.

After having flourished in the industry for several decades, he decided to quit and go back to his home town Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh.

On October 13, 1987, due to a heart attack, he lost his life. And the industry lost a precious gem. His work included 2,678 songs, 88 films, 14 produced and written scripts, 12 films directed and a record of winning maximum Filmfare awards as the Best Playback Singer.

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