Get some moves and lose yourself in these spectacular Arijit Singh's tracks

5 Arijit Singh’s Bollywood Dance Songs, You Can’t Ignore!

Some of the best Arijit Singh’s rendition that cannot be missed. He is the one who has our hearts with his melodious voice. His voice carries many emotions and is perfect to dedicate tracks for your every mood. He knows how to transfer the songs into the hearts of listeners and make them hypnotized by his love songs. Arijit Singh can not just make you dance on his numbers but also surely make you forget the world and have fun like today’s the end of the world.

Arijit Singh is a charmer gifted with the best of vocals. One wouldn’t believe that Arijit Singh was a contestant and was eliminated in the 6th position. But today he has the whole industry in his grasps. So if you are looking for some tracks that you can show off your moves on, here are the perfect ones. Arijit Singh’s tracks are where you can go MJ or just “hold my drink” and be the best of you without a care in the world.

Sooraj Dooba Hai


Shanivaar Raati

Raat Bhar

Dilliwaali Girlfriend

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