Fight against your depressive thoughts with some of the greatest tracks by Arijit Singh on depression

5 Arijit Singh’s Songs On Depression

The most underrated subject that everyone avoids like a plague is Mental Health. People have always taken mental health awareness very lightly or something that they don’t need. Everyone goes through rough times at some or the other point in their lives. A time where everything seems complicated as if life is just done, and there is nothing left. Depression is a dangerous thing that has not been adequately addressed and given the attention it needs.

Depression is hard. It makes you feel like you are useless, and people don’t care about you. The rough patch would pass if help is taken in the right manner and not choosing Suicide to be the only way out. One of the best ways to keep yourself away from thinking of being alone is by engaging your mind. And you can do that by listening to some music. A song about depression subtly tells you that you are not alone and helps you keep the needed company in hard times.

In Bollywood, one singer who can transfer such raw emotions with an ace and effortlessly is Arijit Singh. Here are some of the best tracks by Arijit Singh that talk or acknowledge depression directly or subtly but are a must-you add on your “hard times” playlist.


Rishton Ke Manzar

Agar Tum Saath Ho

Main Dhundhne Ko

Sapna Jo Tha Mera

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