Arijit Singh did not just give us ultimate playlist options but also simultaneously taught some great lessons

5 Arijit Singh’s Songs That Give Life Lessons

Bollywood movies and music go hand in hand. It is one of the most peculiar features of Bollywood movies that make them worldwide famous. Many other film industries have tried to imitate but couldn’t do as gracefully as Bollywood has been doing for ages.

We have not just been given a playlist that fulfills our romantic, sad, or party track goals. It also has time and again given us several amazing lessons to learn and remember. Many singers from Lata Mangeshkar to Arijit Singh have always tried to be best mentors through their music. And so here are some great tracks by Arijit Singh giving us some valuable insights.

Learn some good deeds and invoke some good thoughts with these fantastic and beautiful lessons by Arijit Singh.

Raabta, from the movie Agent Vinod, was a very famous soulful track. The soul-stirring voice by Arijit Singh surely gave us all goosebumps. It taught us we all have a soulmate assigned by the Almighty.
Muskurane, another melody that will give you goosebumps. The music and lyrics of the tracks are both well sung and written.

Kabhi Yaadon Mein, this song is not just mood refreshing, but also the voice of Palak Munchal makes the melody more amazing.

Tu Hi Yaar Mera, one friend who has turned into the family is the one to stick by you forever. This is the song that teaches you how your one true friend can be your most robust support system. And you don’t need anyone more.

Chal Ghar Chalen, the voice of Arijit Singh, is just heavenly. Listening to this song will not only tell you home is where the heart is. This melody tells you no matter where you are in the world, your home will always be open for you.

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