As we jump into a new week, another regular day, why not add Arijit Singh's tracks to listen for the week

5 Arijit Singh’s Songs To Hear This Week

There is always a perfect song or playlist that links to our mood and every emotional milestone we hit. For some, the start of a new day might be exciting and they might have it planned but on the other hand, some are anxious and worried. But we can have one thing perfect as we jump on to a new day and new week i.e., a right Arijit Singh track to start our day perfectly well.

If you wish to have a soulful and happy day ahead, Arijit Singh’s mind-numbing and soothing voice is all we need. He has won our hearts with several awestruck tracks like Saware, Muskurane, Hawayein, and more. He has also helped us get on our feet and dance as if we were high on songs like Ghungroo, Galti Se Mistake, Nashe Si Chadh Gayi, etc. He has been our comfort when we had heartbreak and more.

Why not listen to these newly released songs by Arijit Singh that are perfect to hear for the week?

Bharat Ki Beti

Tum Ho

Khulke Jeene Ka


Chal Ghar Chalen

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