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Kishore Kumar's singing avatar beyond the Hindi cinema. Some of his best vernacular renditions

5 Multi-Language Kishore Kumar’s Songs

Kishore Kumar was an Indian playback singer, director, writer, producer, and so much more. He was a man with great talents and surprises. There is an anecdote as to how Kishore Kumar’s voice became such melodies. According to his brother Ashok Kumar, when Abbas (Kishore Kumar) was a kid, he hurt his toe in an accident to which he kept crying for months. And that is how his vocal cords changed, and he got such a pleasant voice.

Kishore Kumar was also a brilliant actor, but he always preferred to sing, and his idol was KL Saigal. Kishore da had his first success after being dismissed by numerous directors for the film Naukri in 1954. The song he sang was Chhota Sa Ghar Hoga that gave him immense success and popularity.

Though Kishore Kumar had no such formal training in singing, he was a brilliant singer. He also has sung songs in Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, and many other vernacular languages. A few of his soulful renditions are mentioned below.

Ashwini Ye Na

E Ki Holo

Aadoo Aata Aadu

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Khaati Mithi Vanagi

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