Most excellent solo songs by Arijit Singh that will surely impress you

6 Arijit Singh’s Solo Songs From Bollywood

Arijit Singh has become a massive inspiration for youths with his remarkable versatility. If you don’t know who Arijit Singh is in today’s times, then surely you might as well be living under the rocks. He is one of the most well-known artists in the music industry. As it is said, music runs in his veins as he is being from a musical background from his maternal side.

A voice that has become popularly known to every household is Arijit Singh. His soul-stirring songs are truly magical and addicting. He is a very versatile singer and a very well known household name. He was learning to sing from the three Hazari brothers. He participated in numerous competitions and later found the right spotlight and became a necessary part of the industry.

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Though Arijit Singh started his musical journey with a song that was never on-air, his second one was a significant hit giving him several awards. Arijit Singh today has sung thousands of songs that are incredible and have no comparison of sorts. Be it a duet or a solo; he is known to rock in everything.

If you are a fan of Arijit Singh, listen to his mind-blowing solo songs that have won the hearts of masses.

Wo Ladki


Love Me Thoda Aur

Kalank – TitleTrack

Binte Dil


Truly Arijit Singh is a blessed versatile king that Bollywood has ever got. What are your views on Arijit Singh? Tell us all in the comment box below

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