Best mood-lifting tracks by Arijit Singh that will make you happy

7 Arijit Singh’s Songs That Will Make You Happy Instantly

Right now, with all the bad things happening, everyone is in hope and longing for a piece of good news. A morning where everyone would wake up with a smile on their faces and not with a question mark and “what’s new happened today? Or oh, how much worse could it get?”

Everyone is in dire need of some good news, and it has not just impacted everyone’s mental health, but also people are now losing hope. Why not let music lighten up your day? Why not some good lyrics and soothing music that would not just actually make sense but also literally help? Until we get a fresh piece of good news to be happy about, why not Arijit Singh’s music work as our medicine for positive vibes for a while?

Arijit Singh’s compilation of some great soundtracks that will instantly not just light up your mood but also make you go dancing from couch to couch. Plugin your earphones and turn the volume to its highest and play these fantastic vocals by Arijit Singh.



Shanivar Raati

Haan Main Galat

Blame The Night

Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi

Sooraj Dooba Hai

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