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Let’s get some love pouring into our lives with these hit tracks by Darshan Raval

7 Darshan Raval’s Songs That Will Breathe Romance Into Your Life

A week back, we all celebrated Global Love Day, May 1. A day assigned to make you relive that despite there being a lot of pain and hate in the world, there lies a ray of love in it too. Just like Pandora’s box had a glimmer of hope, in the end, coming out. The same way there is Love to help restore faith.

A little show of compassion can break the toughest of fierce hearts into showing mercy. Love is the most important weapon. When Love is spread through music, there could never be anything better than that. One could make a playlist of tender love songs to make one feel better.

With these iconic 7 tracks of Darshan Raval let us all breathe romance within us and exhale it to others as well. Just as spreading the vibe, do add these beautiful love tracks by Darshan Raval to your playlist.

Tu Mileya

Bhula Dunga

Baarish Lete Aana

Pehla Varsad

Tu Dua Hai

Shab Tum Ho

Tu Ne Hoon

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