Some of the best enduring songs of Kishore Kumar that will forever be immortal

9 soulful Kishore Kumar songs that are purely timeless!

Talking about Kishore Kumar we all know that he is one of the greatest singers. There will be no other like him. One might tell you hundreds of stories why Kishore Kumar is considered to be a legend but when you listen to his voice you will know for yourself as to why he is so amazing.

Kishore Kumar had a voice for every varying emotion. Though he was unschooled in classical music, he had the magic to create colorful music. And always had a sense of modernity to his voice. And so time to set the mood right. Here are a few of Kishore Kumar tracks that are ageless and as fresh and new as they were years ago. Surely you will love those.

1. Aise Na Mujhe

2. Kya Yahi Pyar Hai

3. Chhu Kar Mere Manko

4. O Mere Dil Ke Chain

5. Yeh Sham Mastani

6. Ek Ajnabrr Haseena Se

7. Pyar Deewana Hota Hai

8. Gaata Rahe Mera Dil

9. Aare Diwano Mujhe Pehchano

With a voice like magic surely we all are hungry for more amazing lasting songs by Kishore Kumar. Tell us which is your favorite Kishore Kumar track that will forever be evergreen for you.

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