Arijit Singh, the popular Bollywood singer got badly injured during his live performance after a fan pulled his hand. He has undergone treatment, while fans wished him speedy recovery

Arijit Singh gets severely injured during live performance, fans wish speedy recovery 805022

During a live concert in Aurangabad, renowned singer Arijit Singh suffered an injury when a fan forcibly grabbed his hand while he was interacting with the audience. The incident occurred as Singh was engaging with the crowd during a break in his performance. In an attempt to shake hands with the singer, an overenthusiastic fan pulled his right hand, causing him to lose balance and sustain an injury. A video of the incident has since circulated widely, prompting calls for greater responsibility among concert-goers.

Arijit Singh’s reaction to the fan

In the video, we can see the singer not getting mad at the fan. However, he politely asked him, “Why you pulled my hand? See, now I can’t even move my hand. It’s a simple equation. If I can’t perform how will the show continue? I want to interact with all my fans and I have immense love for all of you. But you have to understand things like this shouldn’t happen.”

Arijit Singh gets severely injured during live performance, fans wish speedy recovery 805015

No wonder, Arijit Singh cherishes such a huge fanbase all across the country. His humble gesture towards his fans says it all.

Here take a look at the video-

Numerous videos capturing the incident have gained significant traction on social media platforms, eliciting widespread condemnation towards the individual responsible for forcefully gripping Arijit Singh’s hand.

Work Front

Presently immersed in a nationwide tour, the celebrated vocalist, known for his melodious rendition of “Kesariya,” has already enthralled audiences in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and various other cities. This past Sunday, he took center stage at a live concert held in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Aurangabad.

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