Look at how a fan reacted when Arijit Singh gave her a flying kiss

Arijit Singh Gives Flying Kiss To Girl Fan, Watch How She Reacted

We all have one favorite singer or actor or someone who we idolize. We always wish to get one look from them or be noticed by them at least once. Same way, here’s how a girl reacted when Arijit Singh gave her a flying kiss.

The one to hold the whole music industry together like glue with his bewitching voice is no other than Arijit Singh. Be it romance or party, there is every song sung by Arijit Singh on every playlist. The majority of his tracks have been on the topping charts.

Known for his balance of emotions, Arijit Singh has a vast number of fans. He is one of few artists who like to keep a low profile. He prefers to stay away from the limelight and all the media attention. His versatility has given him a massive number of fan following not just on social media but in actual life as well. People are crazy about him.

There has been a video that has been going around the internet where we see Arijit Singh performing in a concert. And one of his fans is emotional. Who wouldn’t be? When we get to see, our idol performing in front of us LIVE! That is one hell of an experience to remember by. And that’s when it happens. Arijit Singh looks at her, points at her, and gives her flying kiss. And the fan couldn’t keep her excitement at bay. She gets very emotional and is seen crying feeling amazing by the attention she got overwhelmed.

Here is a short clip of the moment.

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