Arijit Singh has always been and will always have a special place in our hearts. Tell us which hairstyle makes him look better

Arijit Singh With Long Or Short Hairstyle: Which is Better?

Arijit Singh is the king of romantic songs as well as he has given us some noteworthy sad vocals. Some of his sad heartbreak vocals are so heart-to-heart that it would make anyone cry. Not just his songs have captured our hearts but also his cute too good to resist hairstyles also have been talked.

If you ever see Arijit Singh he would be in his simple buzz cut or showing off his long curls. Short haircuts make him look more mature and lovable. The long-haired curl showing off Arijit gets the boyish charms out and ready to break some hearts.

If given a choice who would you prefer? Short-haired or long-haired Arijit Singh.

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