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Arijit Singh is the doctor to our musical heart. He is a major blaster with his vocals

Arijit Singh Proved He Is A Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka in Fame Gurukul

Arijit Singh had his record-breaker for the movie Aashiqui 2 where he sang Tum Hi Ho and well just like that he was a sensation and well-established singer we have today. But that didn’t start there all the fame and fortune he has today started with him being a part of a television show.

It is always said if you work hard and strive for excellence you will grab it. Arijit Singh had the same perseverance that leads him to his success but for that, you should have your downfall as well. He was a contestant as we all know at a reality television show Fame Gurukul where he was eliminated at 6th position.

But that didn’t stop Arijit Singh from grabbing his stars and reach the moon. He worked hard and was noticed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and was offered a piece in his upcoming movie Saawariya. But as the part was cut so was the song that Arijit Singh had sung to be dropped.

Later, Arijit Singh made his first debut with Phir Mohabbat for the movie Murder 2, which was a huge hit. And also won him an award for his hit song Tum Hi Ho. Arijit Singh today is at the apex of his career with immense success and has become synonymous with not just romantic numbers but also heartbreak as well as party numbers.

Today Arijit Singh is ruling the industry with his voice. Don’t you agree he had his big blast and is the most amazing singer in the industry?

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