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Ever wondered why Arijit Singh is the most streamed Indian artist? Here’s why

Arijit Singh: The most-streamed Indian artist

One man to have caught the hearts of all of us is no other than Arijit Singh. He can sing loads of emotions and make us feel all through those. The perfect guy to know how to transfer the songs into the hearts of listeners and make them hypnotized by his love songs. He can make you feel in love as well as his songs can help you mend your broken heart.

Why Arijit Singh would be the most streamed artist? Well if you listen to him sing, the man can get gods down on earth just to listen to his melodic voice that is how amazing he is. A true enchanting charmer gifted best of vocals. One wouldn’t believe in the fact that Arijit Singh was a contestant and was eliminated in the 6th position. But today he has the whole industry in his grasps.

According to the data that was released by Spotify, a music playing application, it revealed Arijit Singh to be the most streamed artist for his song Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum after the song Sénorita. That is how popular he is. The guy truly deserves all the fame his way.

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