A singer that has given songs for your every mood and is most loved by the masses, none other than Arijit Singh, is now the most-streamed Indian artist

Arijit Singh, most-streamed Indian artist

According to the reports given by Spotify of trending in India, they claimed Arijit Singh to have topped the list of most-streamed artist, though Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello was the most-streamed song. With the data shared, Arijit Singh had about 4,561,133 monthly listeners.

When talking about Arijit Singh, who hasn’t heard the Kabir Singh song Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage? The song was played on a loop by many of us. Arijit Singh is a whole new mood. His songs are so amazing that whatever he sings is sure to be a hit. He has made a brand of himself and so whenever it is Arijit Singh, the song will go busters.

Since Arijit Singh has made an entry into the industry, he has become a necessity of music. Sad? Lonely? Happy? Party mood? There’s an Arijit Singh dose for your every emotion. A guy as powerfully voiced and so down to earth that he is sure to be a loved and celebrated singer. He has made music into a jingle-jangle like an addiction for us.

No doubt, when it is Arijit Singh, we hear that he is the most-streamed artist of the Indian music industry. Don’t you agree with the same?

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