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Arijit Singh is a voice that has pathos to it. Here is why he sings heartbreak songs

Why does Arijit Singh usually sing sad songs?

Arijit Singh has been always the one to sing from his soul and that is why whenever it is Arijit Singh singing, tears come from our heart. He is the one you can listen to in bed and treat yourself after a breakup.

Arijit Singh is the one to have always been one could relate to. His voice has an emotion to it. That makes it more genuine that it could melt the hearts of anyone listening. Songs are something that has to be sung from the heart and they are nothing like acting. When one is singing, one is pouring their hearts out and so it is easier to feel connected.

It has always been Arijit Singh who we all have felt more related to and it is him who majorly sings heartbreak songs because he does that with an ace and there is no other like him.

And so if you ever wondered why it is that Arijit Singh sings sad songs, it is because he does it straight from his heart and that makes people love him even more. And when at 3 am, you are all curled up in your bed thinking of your ex, it is always Arijit Singh one can turn to. He will help you cry rivers and then make sure that you never cry twice on the same person.

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