Arijit Singh or Tony Kakkar, who is more varied when singing?

Arijit Singh VS Tony Kakkar: Which Singer Shows More Versatility?

Arijit Singh can sing songs from romantic, heartbreak, patriotic, and not forget party numbers. He is one of the most acclaimed singers who is a need for every occasion. A voice to have delivered some of the best smashing hits. But the one particular aspect about Arijit Singh is that each of his songs might seem similar but vary in different shades. For example, his heart-wrenching track Saware and Hawayein, are the two tracks that are filled with love and passion.

A few of the other tracks that Arijit Singh has sung are Illahi, Suno Na Sangenarmar, Muskurane, and many others, which are not just melodies showing us to be carefree but also a perfect romantic playlist on point.

Tony Kakkar, the youngest of Kakkar siblings, is also a fantastic composer, singer, and lyricist. He has sung numerous genres and each being a smashing hit. A voice that is fun and perfect for parties in the majority of the movies. Songs like Coca Cola, Goa Beach, and many more are the examples of versatility that Tony Kakkar has in his voice.

Who, according to you, is the most versatile singer in the industry? Arijit Singh or Tony Kakkar. Vote Now.

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