Best of Arijit Singh and some of his interactions with his fans

Arijit Singh’s Biggest Fan Moments

Arijit Singh is the most streamed artist and his songs are heaven for all music lovers. His songs have a fan base across generations and are loved by all. He is regarded as soon to be a living legend. If you hear him sing, you will know what all the fuss is about.

Sometimes a song does the work of saving a whole film and that is what Arijit Singh’s songs are. His songs are filled with heavy emotions. If it is a heartbreak scene, his song will get you teary-eyed. It will get you all blushing if there is a romantic scene song. It would make you get up and dance if it is a party number. He is the best singer with a large number of fans and admirers. He is the ray of inspiration for all aspiring singers.

If one is so popular, obviously there are going to be a lot of crazy fan moments like invading personal space, constantly being asked for selfie and autograph and many more, which goes with every artist. Arijit Singh too had one or many such fan encounters and they are really cute to watch.

A fan asked Arijit Singh for an autograph while he was on stage performing and he bent down and gave her one. Also, there have been times when a fan couldn’t control tears after meeting their idol and many more. We have embedded a few of those cute hard to miss fan moments of Arijit Singh.

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