KK‘s musical talent was not limited to just his voice, he was an inspiration to multiple generations of singers. He rightfully earned adoration across the country as his music could touch the hearts of millions of people. Among the numerous artists in the music industry, KK was particularly revered by Arijit Singh, who saw him as a mentor during his early days in the industry.

It’s genuinely heartwarming to see how Arijit Singh pays tribute to his mentor at every opportunity, including at his recent Siliguri, West Bengal concert. He made sure to have several of KK’s songs in his performance, demonstrating his deep admiration and respect for the late singer.

It’s humbling to think about KK’s impact on the music industry and the lives of so many people, including his fellow artists. His legacy will continue to inspire and influence generations of singers, and his memory will forever be cherished.

Check out the video below-

The video got viral from Siliguri, where we can see Arijit Singh singing KK’s most iconic song ‘Dil Ibadat’. The singer got his fans all teary-eyed as he paid a wholesome tribute to his mentor at his concert. The video didn’t take long to go viral on the internet, with fans praising and loving Singh, given his humble act.

What’s more, listening to a KK song in the beautiful soothing voice of Arijit Singh was another ‘winning’ moment for all of us. What are your views on the above video? Let us know in the comments.