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With these songs, Arijit Singh has not only topped the charts but also won our hearts for the year 2020

Arijit Singh’s Popular Songs Playlist 2020

There was a time when one singer was described to be the voice of one particular actor. But today, we have numerous voices backing the one actor throughout the film. And so many new voices have emerged and made their way into the tinsel town. But one voice, no matter which type and genre he sings, fans will never have enough of Arijit Singh.

In a small amount of time, Arijit Singh has become not just the household name but a name that has become mandatory to be the voice of the majority of films. He is known to sing in regional languages and also recognized as a great composer, music producer, performer, and many more things on the list.

Arijit Singh was readily accepted and became a massive success in the industry. What makes him stand out more than the others is that he was the only one to have been quickly and willingly accepted by the public. Here are his top hits for the year 2020 that have our hearts.


Woh Ladki


Ve Mahi

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