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Fall in love listening to some of the most beautiful Arijit Singh's romantic songs

Arijit Singh’s Most Romantic Songs Ever

Arijit Singh is the most beloved Bollywood singer who has sung numerous genres and each being a smashing hit. A voice that has become quintessential for the majority of the movies. Happy, sad, romantic, as well as party hits, he is the King for all.

Arijit Singh is an artist who can get genuine emotions out of you and make you feel the best with his romantic numbers. A voice that would not just motivate you but also be your comfort during the lonely nights.

No matter what you would be, we will always listen to Arijit Singh’s tracks because of his soulful rendition. His romantic songs will not just give you comfort but also pull your heartstrings. One of the most authentic and soul-refreshing voices of the music industry is that Arijit Singh surely has won our hearts.

Here we present amazing tracks by Arijit Singh that are romantic and mind-soothing. With love from Arijit Singh.

Yeh Mera Fitoor

Janam Janam


Jaise Mera Tu

O Saathi

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