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Therapy with these amazing Arijit Singh's tracks that are soothing

These Arijit Singh’s Songs Will Be Your Musical Therapy From Depression

Arijit Singh has been the therapy we all need to fight against the depressive thoughts. His soothing voice will make you forget your sadness, anxiety, and stress. His voice is not just a stress reliever but can help you enhance your mood and make you feel happy.

For many, it is not upbeat high tempo music that does the work of taking the mind off depressive thoughts. But it is sad songs that help oneself reflect. So if you wish to alleviate the fog of anxiety, we have made a playlist of a few Arijit Singh’s tracks that would do the work.

Make yourself stress-free, and if you find solace in music, then so be it. As it will not just help with you struggling with depression but also motivate you to keep going. If you are experiencing adverse effects and things have gone beyond control, better seek the help of someone close to you. Or there are several therapists available online who are ready to help.


Enna Sona

Saawali Si Raat



Phir Le Aaya Dil


If you need support right now, call someone you trust and near to you who you can easily confide. Or there are many helpline numbers: 91- 9152987821.

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