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Top hits of Arijit Singh that have millions of views

Arijit Singh’s Most Viewed Songs Playlist!

Arijit Singh has a distinctive style of singing from the other artists. And that is the reason why he draws more people to him. People are always left in awe when any new track released by Arijit Singh. He is a great artist, and most importantly, he is a very down-to-earth, kind, and respectful individual.

Listening to a track that was sung by Arijit Singh touches every person in a distinctive way. And that is because the lyrics might be felt by your heart or something you might remember, a moment that makes you emotional. And so his tracks feel so genuine especially the way he sings.

The way Arijit Singh sings is quite simple, but the way he carries his voice to the moment and taking us all along with it is what makes us all so emotional. And so here are best of Arijit Singh’s tracks that are most viewed and perfect for your playlist.

Lo Maan Liya

Baatein Ye Kabhie

Sanam Re


Galti Se Mistake

Tera Fitoor


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