Asha Bhosle was the voice behind the "bad girls" of many Hindi movies

Asha Bhosle: Female Lead Singer Who Changed The Era Of Music

The one who is called as the voice of the “bad” girls is Asha Bhosle. Her voice represented the bad women or vamps in many Hindi movies. Asha Bhosle can capture a crowd of music lovers with her melodies. She had a range to her voice. A voice that was most prominent and suited for the young actors. She had the energy to her vocals.

Asha Bhosle came into prominence when her sister Lata Mangeshkar was at the peak of her career and was in demand. Therefore, Asha Bhosle has to keep up with the competition and update her voice as per the needs. Hence, we see so many variations in Asha Bhosle’s songs. She has always stayed relevant and updated to the needs of the audience. She was in competition with her own sister and had to work hard to make herself stand out.

When talking about excellent pumping music with high vocals, it was Asha Bhosle who set high standards in the Bollywood music industry. Though many have tried to imitate her voice, it has been impossible. She surely did make a huge impact and change in the music industry, especially the energetic tracks.

Some of the best impossible to imitate tracks nailed by Asha Bhosle are:

Dum Maro Dum

Raat Baaki Baat Baaki

Aap Yahan Aaye Kisliye

Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

Lekar Him Diwana Dil

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