Who is the most prominent singer in the music industry? Atif Aslam or Arijit Singh

Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh: Who Is Your Favorite?

Atif Aslam has a way of mesmerizing the crowd with his enchanting voice. A voice that has gathered admirers not just in Pakistan and India but worldwide. Not to forget a star is in his name at The Dubai Walk Of Fame. He calls his fans Aadeez. He had no formal training in music, and according to Atif, his passion did not start until in his college, his peers forced him to.

Atif Aslam started a band named Jal, and his first song was Aadat, 2003 (his first track was recorded that was funded by Atif himself from his pocket money). Later, when his solo hit the industry Jal Pari, it was a significant success. To date, the track is considered to be iconic, one another followed by Doori and Meri Kahani.

Arijit Singh is famous in his way. He is very well-known for his soulful rendition, especially in Hindi and Bengali. After he participated in Fame Gurukul in 2005, he was spotted by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and was offered a song for his film. But the song was later dropped from the movie. But his instant success came with Murder 2 film, Phir Mohabbat. And then we all know the media attention he got for the Aashiqui 2 soundtrack.

After the success of Arijit Singh, he hit his peak, and there was no stopping. To date, he has released hundreds of soulful songs that touch the soul of one.

Who do you think is more popular and has been the leading voice? Atif Aslam or Arijit Singh. Vote Now.

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