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Have a good day with some great Arijit Singh's tracks for the YouTube mix

Best Arijit Singh’s Happy Feel-Good Songs For Your YouTube Playlist

Arijit Singh has sung truckloads of songs that have left every fan spellbound and in awe with his voice. Though his voice has gone under colossal change since he debuted in 2011, we certainly adore him. No matter how many more singers step into the Bollywood music industry, there would be no match as good as Arijit Singh.

Despite being insanely popular worldwide, Arijit Singh is very shy and avoids public interaction. He is very humble and generous and prefers to stay away from the limelight. Arijit Singh has been named to be the king of heartbreak numbers, which suits him because he deserves the title. If you listen to his heartbreak tracks, they are spectacular, and there would be no one else who could carry such pain and emotions as he does effortlessly.

Many have tried to recreate many songs that Arijit Singh initially sang, but no one has been able to play the magic as him. If you are looking for the right YouTube mix of Arijit Singh’s songs, here are a few greatest hits by him that are a must-add besides his insanely famous tracks.

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