These Arijit Singh's songs made us skip a beat

The Best Arijit Singh’s Songs That Stole Our Hearts!

The famous singing machine of Bollywood, Arijit Singh has won our hearts with his spectacular songs. His songs are filled with passion to the brim, and they can synchronize with our hearts. Celebrate your happiness or drown in your sorrow with his outstanding works that will make you skip a beat.

From being the King of dreamy songs to the monarch of heartbreak and the party rocker, Arijit Singh truly taught us how to sing, dance, and love like today is the last day to live. He made us live the moment with his soul-touching tracks and helped us get over our breakups with his blissful melodies. Hearing to him sing it will make you wonder how someone could sing with a voice so immaculate.

Here are his top hits that will make you feel like you just skipped a beat and make you admire the melodies.


Roke Na Ruke Naina



Chal Ghar Chalen



Isn’t Arijit Singh the best? Tell us in the comments below if we have missed your favorite track.

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