Katy Perry from Roar to Teenage Dream has been ruling our heart with her melodic voice. Here are her top chart-topping numbers

Best of Katy Perry’s Songs That Have The Highest Views

Katy Perry is one of the hits and most successful singers in the music industry. She is a global phenomenon with her YouTube songs crossing over billion views. She knows how to bring a ‘Teenaged Dream’ alive with her ‘Roar’-ing personality. She can transform from a braced teenager to an old lady and bring down the whole circus in her five minutes worth song video. Soon to welcome a baby girl, here are some of the top-rated songs sung by mom-to-be Katy Perry.

A walk down the memory alley with some of Katy Perry’s top YouTube hits.

From the Teenage Dream album. This song has 573 million views and was a significant success. Also, looking at Katy as an alien was fun.

The One That Got Away
A song that is a teary mess. This melody will take you on a rollercoaster ride full of emotions. With 767 million views, it is to date prevalent.

Part Of Me
One of the biggest hits of Katy Perry is also self-empowering. It teaches you to take a stand for yourself and focuses on a toxic relationship. One of my favorite songs has 853 million views.

If you have never done karaoke on this song, you certainly are missing a lot. This song will ignite your inner fireworks and make you shine bright. With 1.2 billion views, the music is mesmerizing.

Dark Horse
A song that was a complete hit but got caught in a lawsuit battle. Though Katy Perry lost the war, the song received total views of 2.8 billion.

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