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Kishore Kumar's tracks are the best songs you could dedicate to your love

Best Kishore Kumar’s Love Songs to Dedicate to Your Special Someone

The one to have not just taught himself how to sing but also was the best in everything he did was Kishore Kumar. Since his kindergarten days, Kishore Kumar loved to sing and always dreamt of becoming a singer. But his teachers and friends used to scold him for singing and tell him he lacked the voice and quality every singer should have. But he was very stubborn. Later, with the help of his brother Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar became an actor. He always had his heart for singing. But Ashok Kumar was against it.

Kishore Kumar fought against all the odds and never let his flaws affect his self-esteem. He was very confident and always believed that through singing, one could speak their hearts out, whereas he detested acting because it was fake. Kishore Kumar was a man whose life was filled with paradox or happiness and sadness. He used those as his plus points and put the same emotions of his real-life into his songsā€”one of the reasons why his songs feel so realistic and lively.

If you are looking forward to dedicating some good love tracks for your mate, then Kishore Kumar’s tracks would be a perfect choice. Because no other singer could put their honest emotions, the way Kishore da embedded in his songs. Below is the list of some of his best romantic melodies.

Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai

Dekha Na Haye Re

O Maheki Maheki

Yeh Kya Hua

Kora Kagaz Tha

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