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The master of melody king is Kishore Kumar and here are few of his hit numbers that should not go missing

Best of Kishore Kumar’s peppy tracks

Kishore Kumar has left us to treasure-filled with his melodious voice. He is the synonym of versatility. And there is a Kishore Kumar song for every mood. The multi-talented personality has given us amazing hits. The feature-rich singer was also known as the ‘King of romantic songs’.

Here are a few of his rich peppy numbers that are invaluable to the Hindi music industry.

Apni Toh Jaise Taise
From the movie Laawaris, this is an amazing song. Though there was an attempt to recreate the magic that Kishore Kumar had but the remake song couldn’t have the same shake to it.

Dil Kya Kare
Another mesmerizing song from the movie Julie, is a song that could hardly be missed.

Mere Saamne Wali Khidki
The ultimate romance song of the 70s where Sunil Dutt was trying to woo his neighbor.

Chala Jaata Hoon
Yet another hit make. Listen to this song once and witness the magic hold it would get on you.

Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha
Why did I mention this song? Hear it once and you will know.

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