Best of Kishore Kumar from his first to the last song he had ever sung

Best Kishore Kumar’s songs from the beginning of his career to his last

The one legendary guy to have been known for too many things like actor, singer, director, producer, songwriter and many more is no other than Kishore Kumar. Truly there is no harm in saying he came, saw, and conquered the hearts of millions of fans.

Though his life was not filled with sunshine and rainbows, he did make sure to add all the shine and colors needed to his tracks. No wonder he has given us such enriching lively songs. So, here are some best tracks from Kishore Kumar’s career.

Dil Kya Kare

Chhu Kar Mere Maan Ko

Wada Karo Nahin Chodoge

Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle

Kishore Kumar took song-dance-comedy to the stage that was the start of modern India. He was a great entertainer. Just as his songs, he too was always colorful and a wonderful guy. For more fun updates and merry playlist by Kishore Kumar, stay tuned to

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