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Mohammed Rafi was a singer that needed no introduction. Here are a few amazing ghazals that will surely make you like him more

Best of Mohammed Rafi ghazals

A ghazal is a poetic form of expression that depicts pain and loss of separation as well as the beauty of love.

Mohammed Rafi has always been an incredible singer. His golden voice was revolutionizing the industry. He is also a musical guru to many singers. He has been singing not just romantic songs and patriotic ones but also was rocking qawwali and ghazals.

Mohammed Rafi was a remarkably talented singer and has worked with many great stars and composers. Here are a few hand-picked ghazals from Mohammed Rafi’s collection for your playlist.

Nahin Bhoolegi Wo
One of Mohammed Rafi’s magical songs. Surely worthwhile.

Husna Wale Tera
Rafi Sahab aap ka jawab nahi. Incredibly beautiful song. A perfect romantic fit.

Hum Bekhudi Men
Have you heard the saying Old is Gold? Well, this song is actual proof of it.

Teri Pyari Pyari
A beautiful classic with capital ‘C’. Truly after listening to this song, you will believe the best and real music has been lost.

Zindagi Aaj
This song is as fresh as it was a decade ago. The voice of Mohammed Rafi is par excellence.

Hum Ko Tumhare
Masterpiece! With the voice of Rafi, this song is surely going to never lose its shine.

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