Actress Saarvie Omana has transformed from the girl-next-door character that she was in Zee TV’s Rabb Se Hai Dua, into becoming a ruthless person, who went to the extent of killing someone. Playing the role of Kaynaat in the LSD Films show, Saarvie has seen the full arc that an actor can get to perform.

Saarvie’s character of Kaynaat has turned negative.

Says Saarvie, “Initially, I was relatable to my character. But the recent twist in the tale has made her negative. Obviously, I am not at all near to my character now. However, I’m just loving the negative shade because there’s so much to explore when you play such characters. I have played the full range, from being the good girl to the evil now. I like the twists and turns in my character, as I love to perform.”

Saarvie simply loves her second version of the character who is totally evil. “I am in love with my negative avatar. It gives a message that a mother can do anything to save her child from any evil eye, and according to me, Kaynaat is doing the same. She’s just trying to save her child from Ghazal and her child.”

Ask her about the huge sequence where Kaynaat does not even think twice about shooting at Dua, her Bhabhi, and Saarvie states, “Kaynaat is totally in another world as a mother. She’s not even thinking before doing or saying anything because, according to her, she’s right about Ghazal and frustrated at the same time when the family is not understanding what she’s trying to tell them. And talking about Dua, Kaynaat believes that Dua is inviting huge problems in her life by supporting Ghazal. Hence she reacted so ruthlessly and even went to the extent of throwing the gun at Dua.”

Saarvie thanks the channel and the production house for giving her this variation in the role, which has indeed motivated the performer in her.